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Episodes-Season 1

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks a lot to Elise for the reference. Her webpage is in the links, make sure you check it out! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season One

1. "Anything You Want" (Pilot)
Mary is mad and frustrated because she canít date older guys, she turns to Matt for advice. Eric finds a new job for Matt, showing him the dangers of smoking. Simon begs his parents for a dog, so Annie goes to the pound to surprise Simon with a dog. Simon decides to name is dog Happy. While Annieís parents are staying with the Camden's, they discover that her mom has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.

2. "Family Secrets"
Matt meets a new friend, Renee, who happens to be pregnant. Simon finds out why Happy has been eating Ericís shoes, because sheís going to have puppies. After Sunday school, Simon sets up a lemonade stand to help get new shoes for Eric.

3. "In The Blink Of An Eye"
Ruthie and Simon move into the same room because their parents bought them bunkbeds. Lucy has a date with Jimmy Moon. While driving the Meals On Wheels van, Matt hits a parked police car. The next morning Annie wakes up to a vision of her mother saying how much she loves her but has to go. Annie rushes to her parentís room and learns her mother died.

4. "No Funerals And A Wedding"
After the funeral of Annie's mother, friends of the Camden's are having lunch with them. While at lunch, Simon asks where the exact place of Heaven is. Matt's friend, Renee, goes into labor, and names the baby after Annie's mother.

5. "The Color Of God"
There has been a fire at Morgan Hamiltonís church. The Hamilton's are staying with the Camden until they install an alarm system at their house. Simon is suspended from school after punching a guy in the stomach.

6. "Halloween"
Simon is preparing for the pumpkin-carving contest. Eric finds an old Davy Crockett hat, which brings him bad memories. Lucy accidentally stoles a pumpkin from Mutan Mikeís garden. When Annie asks her to return it, she meets Mike and learns that he is mentally challenged but a very nice man. Annie is making a dinosaur costume for Ruthie, who later takes Maryís idea to go as Happy. Matt is going to the Halloween dance as Cyrano. At the party, Mike wins the pumpkin-craving contest.

7. "Saturday"
Mary doesnít want her family to come to her basketball game. Lucy is angry at her sister because she had invited Ashley, a popular girl, to the game. While Simon and Ruthie are playing detective outside, they get lost.

8. "What Will People Say?"
Everyone is wondering why Eric spends time with a woman, Abby. They later learn that her husband hits her and that she turned to Eric for help. Mary wants to date Richard while Simon has a crush on a girl at school, Gabrielle.

9. "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil"
Ruthie has the chicken pox and Simon is afraid heíll get it too. On its way home, the family car has an electrical problem, which causes Matt and Annie to pull over to the side of the road. While Annie tries to fix the problem, a man with a gun comes to the car and demands for all their money and jewelry -- including Annieís wedding rings. Matt and Annie are really shocked at what happened. Mary wants to get a wildcat tattoo on her ankle like the members of her basketball team.

10. "Last Call For Aunt Julie"
Ericís sister, Julie, is visiting the family. The Camden later learns she lost her boyfriend, her job, and has a drinking problem. When Simon steels the key to his fatherís liquor cabinet, Julie chases him around playfully trying to get the key. She then throws Simon on the floor and strongholds him. Annie arrives in time and throws Julie out of their home. Eric is really worried about his sister and offers to help her.

11. "Now You See Me"
Simon tries to become invisible using his mental powers. Lucy is trying out for the cheerleading squad. Matt brings a girl to church, Tia, who really enjoys the company of all the Camden. Her parents are divorced and donít spend enough time with her. Matt helps Lucy practice for her cheerleading at the gym.

12. "With A Little Help From My Friends"
Matt is helping Mrs. Bink around the house, but she doesnít want him to tell his father. Simon is shocked because his brother let Happy outside alone. He suggests staying home with her until she has her puppies, but Annie assures him Happyís going to be fine. Lucy wants to have a boy-girl party for her thirteenth birthday, but Jimmyís friend, Dwight is having a party at his house the same day. The family prepares a suprise party for Lucy, and Happy gave birth to her puppies.

13. "Americaís Most Wanted"
Mary steals a glass from a restaurant to fit in with all the other varsity players in the school. Lucy copies Maryís old research paper on "The Crucible" and gets an A. Simon teaches Ruthie the Star Spangled Banner.

14. "Seven Is Enough"
Ericís parents; The Colonel and Ruth are visiting the family. Eric and his father find a little boy, George whoís an orphan, at church. Eric wants to adopt the boy but Annie thinks that a family of seven is enough. Ericís parents are the ones who adopt George.

15. "Happyís Valentine"
Annie and Eric are going camping with Patricia and Morgan Hamilton. Lucy volunteers to take the kids to the movies, as long that Jimmy Moon can come with her. Mary and her friend Keesha throw a party at the Camdenís wile Matt and his friend John join the festivities. Lucyís friend, Dwight, adopts Happyís puppies. Happy is hit by a car -- Matt was supposed to watch her. Simon spends the night beside Happy at the vet, the next morning Happy is back on her feet.

16. "Brave New World"
Itís the first day of pre-kindergarten for Ruthie. Lucy finds out where her best friend, Suzanne really lives. Suzanneís father doesnít want to pay child support, Eric offers Suzanneís mom help. Mary is harassed by a guy at school, Michael. She refuses her brotherís help and decides to deal with the situation alone.

17. "Choices"
Mary meets a girl in detention, Camille, whom isnít a good influence for her. Camille shoplifts for Mary and convinces her to go to a fraternity party. Annieís old friend, Tom is staying at the Camdenís house. Eric feels Tom is hiding something, he later learns that Tom suffers from epileptic seizures. Simon and Ruthie find 50$ on the sidewalk and decide to buy ferrets. The ferrets get loose in the house, while Annie and Eric think that they are rats because they don't know about Ruthie and Simon buying the ferrets. The ferrets destroy the boxes of cereal, and other things in the house.

18. "Faith, Hope And The Bottom Line"
Annie is elected temporary treasurer for the church. Eric wants to hire Ron to play the organ at church, but Lou, one of the main directors, is concerned about Ronís criminal record. Ruthie is calling all the numbers on her phone list, including the fire department and the police. Simon and Matt both have to get a tetanus shot. Mary agrees to tutor Jimmy Moon for Lucy.

19. "Itís About George"
Annie, Matt, Ericís parents and George are picking up Ericís sister, Julie from the Halpern Recovery house. Eric meets Georgeís real father, Will, who wants his son back. Eric comes up with a plan to allow Will to move with The Colonel, Ruth, Julie and George. That way him and George will get to know each other better. Jimmy Moon meets the Colonel and Ruth.

20. "Say Goodbye"
Annieís old friend, Rachel, just moved in town. Rachel makes a move on Matt who backs away because she is his momís best friend. Rachel makes Matt promise heíll go see a band perform with her the next day. Matt brings Mary along because he doesnít want to be alone with Rachel. Rachelís friend convinces Mary to sing on stage with the band. Matt and Rachel are alone to dance, and Mary notices how close they are. Eric and Annie later find out, Rachel tells them Matt made a move on her. Annie is really shocked when she learns what really happened. Lucyís friend Suzanne, is moving because of her momís new job.

21. "Dangerous Liaisons" (Part One)
Annieís father, Charles is visiting the Camden, but he has a new girlfriend, Ginger. Annie is really upset that her father is already seeing someone, since her mom died only a couple of months ago. Matt meets a girl after church, Heather. He later asks her out on a date but gets no response, and learns later that she is deaf. Lucy takes Simonís advice and dies her hair blond. While at the park with Ruthie, Mary meets a guy, Wilson and his little brother, Billy. They go on a date later that night. The next day at church, Mary learns that Billy is really Wilsonís son. When she sees her father and Ginger enter the church, Annie storms out. Mary decides to follow her mother, but is hit by a speeding car when she chases her across the street.

22. "Dangerous Liaisons" (Part Two)
Eric calls the kids from the hospital and tells Matt to take the kids to a new cafť that opened on 10th Street. When they arrived at the cafť, the kids noticed it was for the hearing impaired. Matt then notices Heather entering the restaurant. He asks the waiter how to say he is sorry, but Ruthie helps him by signing to Heather "he loves you". Annie apologizes to her father who tells her he needs to be happy again. Annie finally understands her father. The next day, Matt learns that Michael, the guy who used to harass Mary, was the one driving the car that hit his sister. Michael later goes to the hospital and apologizes to Mary. When Jimmy Moon sees Lucyís hair, he tells her he doesnít want to go out with her anymore. Wilson tells Eric that Billy is his son and asks him if he can still date Mary. When they get back from the hospital, Eric tells Mary her leg might take a long time to heal, and that she might never play basketball again. The whole family, including Charles and Ginger, throws a party in the backyard for Mary. They all play basketball and Mary still sinks basket from her wheelchair. The family is having fun, together.

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