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Episodes-Season 2

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks a lot to Elise for the reference. Her webpage is in the links, make sure you check it out! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season Two

23. "Donít Take My Love Away" (Season Premire)
Eric and Annie renew their vows Ė they are getting married again. The kids arenít really excited about the wedding and Ruthie wants to wear a tuxedo. Mary is tired of walking with crutches but is afraid she might fall if she doesnít use them. Lucy is still angry that Jimmy Moon is going out with Ashley but invites them to the wedding; she later un-invites them. Matt and Heather are spending time together before she goes away to school. Simon decides to wait before moving in is new room in the attic. Eric helps a woman, Nora, talk to the guy who killed her husband. At the wedding, before walking down the aisle, Mary and Lucy have a fight, and they both ruined their hair and dresses.

24. "See You In September"
Eric and Annie are taking a day off to spend time together since itís the first day of school for Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie. Ruthie is caught wearing a hat backwards, which violates schoolís policy. She insists on wearing the cap backward and gets a "time-out". Itís Simonís first day in Junior High. At lunch he is caught with a knife that his mother had given him to cut his chicken. He gets suspended for a day. Lucy is having troubles opening the lucky padlock that her father gave her. She has to carry her books everywhere she goes and her arms are killing her. Mary offers to help with the lock and gives Lucy an aspirin for the pain. The school principal notices them with the medicine and takes them to her office. Matt later joins them after Mr. Koper caught him with a beeper Ė the one Eric left in Mattís jacket after borrowing it. All three of them are suspended for a day. Mary learns that Mr. Koper is the new basketball coach and that heís going to help her build her knee strength up. A boy threatening to jump off his apartment's roof interrupts Eric and Annie's day off. Eric helps him work things out with his mom.

25. "I Love You"
Mary tries to make Wilson say he loves her but he says itís a big commitment and that they havenít known each other long enough to say those words to each other. Simon and Ruthie are reading Mattís letters to Heather. Matt tricks them by addressing one of his letters to Mrs. Matt Camden (Heather). Simon tells his parents that Matt and Heather got married over the summer but they later learn it was just a joke. Eric helps Lucyís friend, Laurie, gets closer to her mother.

26. "Who Knew"
One of Mattís friend, Mitch, gives him a joint. Not knowing what to do with it, Matt puts it in the pocket of his jacket, but he drops it at home while petting Happy. Eric finds the joint and tells Annie who tells him she experienced with pot when she was a teenager. Simon shows Ruthie how to do laundry. Lucy invites her new boyfriend, Rod, over for dinner. Later that night, the kids find out their brother is doing drugs. Matt rushes out of the house, angry and confused. Eric and Annie find him praying out loud at church. He asks God if his parents will ever trust him again. Eric and Annie realize he didnít do drugs and apologize for accusing him. Ruthie did her laundry wrong, and puts together her dark clothes with her white clothes, making everything pink.

27. "Says Who?"
Simon is making everyone believe he is shrinking, with Ruthieís help. Lucy invites a girl from school, Shelby, over for dinner Ė thereís a rumor going on that she has an eating disorder. Mrs. Bink and Eric are convincing Mars. Hinkle not to sell her house. That night, Shelby rushes out of the dinner table and Annie follows her upstairs. Shelby tells her she has to brush her braces after every meal and that sheís very hungry since her mom doesnít have a lot of money. Matt overhears Simonís experiment and plays a little trick on him. Now Simon really thinks heís shrinking but is reassured when he learns heís an inch and a half taller.

28. "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
Matt receives a letter from Heather saying she met someone else. He asks his brother and sisters for money to buy a plane ticket. Ruthie gives him 5$ and Simon gives him $86. Simon is bothered by the fact that heís the only one at school who isnít going steady. The next day at school a girl named Janice asks him out. Eric and Annie are waiting for Mattís call but the kids canít stay off the phone. Wilson tells Mary they should see other people because they are going too fast in their relationship. At school, while playing "Xena, Warrior Princess", a boy kisses Ruthie for revenge. The teacher sends a note home. Simon breaks up with Janice because sheís too demanding. Matt finally arrives to Heatherís dorm and learns sheís really in love with the guy she met. Eric buys a plane ticket for Matt to return to Glen Oak.

29. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Simonís friends, Stan, has a horrible nightmare while spending the night at the Camdenís house. Stan told Simon his sister is in a violent gang. Matt later finds out and tells his parents. Eric visits Stanís parents and tells them their daughter may be in a gang. They search her room and find nothing but they find weapons and drugs in Stanís room under his mattress. Ruthie wants to know how fast is 100 miles per hour. Lucy and some of her friends go to the mall dressed in mini-skirts and fake fur and flirt with a 20-year-old police. Annie sees them and tells Lucy it will be hard to trust her again. While trying to get out of the gang, Stanís sister is beating very badly and ends up in hospital.

30. "Do Something"
Matt takes care of a sick boy, Steve, in hospital every day. Annie goes into the muffin business when she is approached by David who owns a bakery. Simon is trying to sell greeting cards so he can win a "Tick" doll. Ruthie decides to buy all 10 boxes of greeting cards and to sell them with profit. Annie is having a difficulty baking the muffins and doing her usual work around the house and for the church. She decides to quit but sells the muffin recipe to David. Simon is disappointed because he won't get his doll until 6 or 8 weeks. Ruthie made a lot of profit selling the cards so she decides to buy Simon a bigger "Tick" doll. 31. "I Hate You"
Mary and Lucy are making fun of Mattís new girlfriend. Simon wants to do his oral report for school on JFKís shooting. He is quite disappointed when someone chooses that subject before him. Ruthie colored all over the walls of her room. Annie is angry and makes Ruthie clean the wall; she responds by saying, "I hate you". Ruthie later apologizes to her mother for what she said and cleans the wall all by herself. Simon wants to bring Mrs. K to school for his oral report. Mrs. Kís family was brought to a concentration camp during the war. She is the only member who survived. She tells her story to Simonís class.

32. "Truth or Dare"
Eric thinks he is too fat because he canít fit in his jeans anymore. He takes it seriously and goes on a diet Ė which isnít very successful. Mary wants to go on a date with Mattís friend Brian. Matt asks Brian to ask Mary out but he doesnít have any money. Matt borrows 20$ from Simon to give to Maryís date. Lucy and her friend Shelby are invited to the "cool" groupís sleepover. Simon teaches Ruthie how to swim in the bathtub.

33. "Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way"
Ericís church is going to be on television Sunday, so he has to prepare the perfect sermon. Lucy gets a "D" on her American History midterm but is congratulated by her new friends who did worst. Mary is jealous because Coach Koper is helping a new girl on the team instead of her and wants to quit. Simon wants to become a magician and asks Ruthie to be his assistant, who refuses instantly. Annie has to do tons of things for the church and around the house while Eric writes his sermon. The Colonel visits the Camden's and helps Annie by cleaning up the house and making dinner, with the kidsí help. He helps Lucy with history and helps Mary making a good decision about basketball. Eric finally finishes his sermon, which is inspired by his fatherís life. The next morning in church, Ruthie sniffs a mint up her nose trying to do a magic trick. She starts screaming and the service in canceled. Simon decides to give up magic because of all the trouble it caused.

34. "Rush To Judgment"
Simon is obsessed with golf and canít think about anything else. He accidentally brakes the window of his bedroom and the windshield of Louís car while playing. Lou, the churchís financial officer is hiding things from Eric and $2500 are missing from the church account. Eric and Annie later learn that Lou needed the money for a down payment at an institution, for his autistic son. Lucy sees Mary and Coach Koper hug in the hallway at school and has a bad feeling about it. Mary says it didnít mean anything, since she had just beaten her mile record and that Coach Koper was congratulating her. It ends up Coach Koper wanted to get closer to Mary; he loses his job as a teacher and a coach.

35. "Stuck In the Middle With You"
Jimmy Moon just broke up with his girlfriend, Ashley, and wants to go out with Lucy again. Rod, this new guy in Lucyís class, also wants to go out with her. Lucy has to choose one of them, which isnít that easy. Simon organizes a bet (not involving real money), "The Jimmy/Rod race". Annieís father visits the Camden's and suprises them with a black toupee. Eric and Annie organize sessions for newly married couples at church.

36. "Red Tape"
Lucy borrows Maryís new sweater and accidentally stains it with tabasco sauce. She washes it and realizes it shrunk while it was drying. She goes back to the store and asks for her money back with no luck. Annie then goes back to the store and finally gets the money back for the shirt. Someone placed an add about Matt searching for a girlfriend, in the schoolís paper. Simon and Ruthie find a catalogue full of dog accessories and a credit card with Happyís name on it, in the trash. They order red rain boots to see if itís for real; now they canít cancel their order. Eric helps a woman get back the money her ex-husband stole from her, so that she and her son can find a better place to live. 37. "Homecoming"
Mary is nervous about her basketball game Ė her first since she had her accident. She also doesnít have a date for the homecoming dance. At the last minute, her ex-boyfriend, Richard, asks her to go. Lucyís friend Suzanne is visiting the Camdens, but they donít know she ran away from home. Annie is chaperoning Ruthieís first field trip and they accidentally get left at the museum. Simon doesnít like his science teacher; he is sure she hates him. 38. "It Takes A Village"
Annie and Patricia Hamilton want their families to go on a family outing, since Matt and John (Patriciaís son) are soon leaving for college. Eric and Morgan, Patriciaís husband, get their wifeís permission to skip the outing; instead they make arrangements to meet Patriciaís ex-husband. Morgan and Patricia have another son, Nigel, and two daughters, Keesha and Lynn. Simon and Nigel skip the outing and go to a party. Keesha and Lucy go to the movies with two guys. Mary goes on a date with Scott, a 14-year-old guy in Lucyís class. Patricia, Annie, Ruthie and Lynn go to the restaurant and the movies; they catch Lucy and Keesha making out with the two guys. Matt goes to a bar with John and learns that his friend just signed a record deal.

39. "Nothing Endures But Change"
Lucy wants to go to Peteís Pizza with her friend Sarah and her sister Jen. Sarah tells Lucy that her sister is the best and that she lets her drive sometimes. They later decide to go to a hamburger place; but Lucy asked them to pick her up at Peteís Pizza since sheís not allowed to go to the other restaurant. On their way to pick her up, they get an accident and Sarah is killed. Wilson helps Lucy recover from the death of her friend since he has once experienced the lost of a loved one. Mary baby-sits Billy. Simon moves into Mattís room and Matt moves to the attic.

40. "My Kinda Guy"
A foreign exchange student from France named Guy, is staying with the Camdens for a couple of days. Mary and Lucy are excited that a guy they are not related to is staying with them. Guy invites the two of them to the Pool Hall, where they meet Matt and his date. Mattís date, who will be going to Paris soon, starts a conversation with Guy, so Matt, Lucy and Mary return home. Simon and Ruthie get sick after smoking cigarettes they found in Guyís suitcase. Eric and Annie are chatting in a "French foreign exchange student" chatroom on the internet. Since things arenít going too well between the Camdens and Guy, he decides to go back to France.

41. "Time To Leave the Nest"
Simon brings home a little girl he found on the street. The girl, who is wearing old dirty clothes, in named Sarah. Eric finds out her father is drunk and offers to help. He and Matt clean up the manís trailer. Sarahís mother died a couple of years ago so she goes to live with her grandmother until her father gets better. Lucy and Mary are arguing because Mary read Lucyís diary; they donít have privacy sharing the same room. Matt tells the whole family heíll be going to college in Tennessee.

42. "Like A Harlot"
Simon is acting weird after seeing a film in health class and doesnít want to talk about it. Matt takes a girl named Connie to the prom, after her father asked Eric if his son could take his daughter to the event. Since Connie doesnít have anything to wear, Annie makes her a beautiful dress. Ruthie wants to go to the Snappy the stegosaurus show in Glen Oak, but all the tickets are sold out. Eric tells Annie he use to date the women who plays Snappy in high school and that he will ask her for tickets to the show. After meeting Snappy backstage, Ruthie realizes itís not a real dinosaur and is very upset. Mary and Lucy double date with two brothers they donít know; it turns out its Simonís friend and his twin brother.

43. "Boyfriends..."
Ruthie is mad at Matt because heís going away to college. Simon is practicing a trick with Happy for the Pow-Chow contest. Matt catches Mary and Wilson asleep in Maryís bed. Mary tells him that nothing happened, they just fell asleep. Rod and Jimmy are doing a project on Ericís job and follow him around during the day. The reason they are doing this is to get closer to Lucy, who isnít interested in either of them. Wilson introduces Lucy to a guy named Kenny. Mary decides to go to basketball camp but is required to have a physical first. Annie decides to go for one as well. Simon and Happy win the Pow-Chow contest. Annie asks the kids if they want to spend a week at summer camp. Happyís former owner sees their trick on television and wants to get her back. The family learns Matt will spend the summer working in Washington and that he won't be at his graduation to make his valedictorian speech. Annie receives a call from the doctor and learns Mary is pregnant.

44. "...And Girlfriends" (Season Finale)
Ericís parents are visiting to attend Mattís graduation and learn Matt wont be there. The Colonel makes arrangements with the company in Washington so that Matt can start working after his graduation. Matt receives a call from Mrs. Clinton herself, to tell him the news. Annieís father and Ginger also arrive at the house for Mattís graduation. The Camdenís learn that they are engaged. Happyís owner brings her to his home but realizes her life is with the Camdens; he brings her back to the Camdens. Lucy breaks up with Kenny since she feels their relationship is too good to be true. Eric and Annie tell Mary sheís pregnant but she says it canít be true since she never had sex. Annie later learns the tests were mixed-up and that she is the one who is pregnant. Jimmy and Rod handle the sermon at church. Wilson tells Mary he will be moving away for school with Billy. Matt tells his family, after graduation, that he will take his job during the summer but will attend college in Glen Oak.

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