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Episodes-Season 3

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks a lot to Elise for the reference. Her webpage is in the links, make sure you check it out! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season Three

45. "It Takes Two, Baby" (Season Premire)
Annie is feeling a little depressed, and she's 3 months pregnant. Ruthie is feeling a little pregnant herself. Lucy is following dating advice from "The Rules" book. Matt moves in with 3 girls. Eric is looking for a perfect 20th wedding anniversary plan for Annie. Mary gets a lot of attention from guys, which makes Lucy jealous. But one of Mary's "guy" friends's asks Lucy out. Matt finally comes back home because of some girl problem he was having with his new roommates. Simon's new girlfriend is acting a little weird. Annie and Eric tell the kids they are having twins.

46."Drunk Like Me"
Annie and the girls are fixing up an old car for Matt. Mary brings Ruthie and Happy to the park to get the guys' attention. She meets a guy from school who is interested in cars. Simon is having a hard time living around girls, and 2 more are maybe coming. A new woman at church flirts with Eric. Matt and his friend are thinking of joining a fraternity group. Matt decides not to join but his friend almost dies after drinking way too much for the initiation at the fraternity party.

47. "Cutters"
Lucy is spending a lot of time with her new best friend, Nicole. They are in the same biology class and are both failing. Eric offers to tutor both of them. Matt is upset because a girl rejected him. He later learns she did, because she already had a boyfriend. Ruthie fails her math test on purpose so she can get more attention from her mother. Simon wants her to stop and tells her he'll give her 50 cents for every good answer she gets. Ruthie gets all the answers right so Simon has to pay her 20$. Mary catches Nicole cutting herself in the bathroom. She tells Eric whom then tells Nicole's father. Eric gives him a card and a number to call so that they can get help for Nicole. Nicole and her parents are moving to Chicago for a couple of months, so that she can follow therapy.

48."The Legacy"
Simon sees his teacher push a man who was screaming at his son. He then feels guilty when he learns that his teacher got fired. Annie takes piano lessons. Matt makes a move on one of his college teacher. It turns out he had misunderstood her signals. Mary and her friends skip a boring class and get caught. Lucy forgets her lunch in geometry class and finds her teacher eating it, two days in a row. She and her friend Shelby then learn a good "geometry" lesson. Ruthie has trouble finding the perfect instrument to play in music class.

49."...And A Nice Chianti"
Eric is trying to cheer up a woman whoís son died 3 years ago. She wants to meet the people who received her sonís organs after he died. Mary got her driverís license but not everyone is really enthusiastic to ride with her. Lucy and Simon decide to take the bus. A freshman has a crush on Lucy and always sits beside her, which makes his girlfriend jealous and angry at Lucy. Simon gets in trouble with this tough guy who wants help with his homework. A pregnant girl steals Mattís car and leaves Matt with her broken car, which happens to be stolen. She is running away from home because her parents donít forgive her for getting pregnant.

50."And The Home of the Brave"
Charles, Annieís father, is getting married to Ginger. The wedding reception is supposed to be at the Camdenís house and Annie is the one in charge of preparing the menu. Annie isnít enthusiastic about the wedding and the reception. On her way to the grocery store she meets a homeless veteran and invites him home. He is the one ending up preparing the menu since he was a chef for 40 years. Matt and Mary are taking a little "road trip" which ends up being very long, they get a flat. Simon is spending the day with his new friend, Deena. Lucy is spending the day with the Jordan, the guy she can now call her boyfriend. Ruthie is feeling a little lonely, so she pretends Huey is back for the whole day.

51."Johnny Get Your Gun"
Ruthie wants the "Booboom" video game and is walking around the house pretending sheís dropping bombs everywhere. Matt has a new girlfriend. He and Mary later meet her brother, who asks Mary on a date. Mary doesnít know that he has a problem -- he is violent. Johnny, a guy at Simonís school, just broke up with his girlfriend and wants his old girlfriend back -- which happens to be Simonís girlfriends, Deena. Johnny threatens to kill Simon. Eric meets with Johnnyís father, the schoolís vice-principal and sergeant Michael -- everything seems in order, Johnny will change school. The next day during the afternoon, Johnny goes in Ericís office and shootís him in the shoulder. Johnny has to stay in a Juvenile Detention Center until heís 25 years old. Ericís shoulder is fine and Ruthie stops saying "Booboom". Mary's date gets a little violent with her, she tells him to stop and to get some help. Lucy watches "Gone Witch The Wind" with her boyfriend Jordan.

52."No Sex, Some Drugs, And A Little Rock & Roll"
Ericís old Rock Ní Roll band is coming to town for a small concert. The band is staying at the Camdenís home -- they parked their trailer house on the front lawn. Simon starts drinking coffee and gets addicted. Lucy is always on the phone and Ruthie is constantly chewing gum. Maryís Friend, Diane, takes natural pills to get more energy. She says everyone on the basketball team takes them, so Mary takes one to see for herself. Eric discovers a bottle of natural pills in Mattís room -- a guy had given it to him, but Matt didnít take any. Mary tells her father about the pill she got from Diane. Eric talks to Diane and her father, with no luck. Diane gets a heart attack while playing basketball with Mary. Eric and Annie jam with the band at the concert.

53."Let's Talk About Sex"
Eric and Annie are taking prenatal classes... for the sixth time. Annie helps 2 teenage girls getting through their pregnancy and Eric helps the 2 teenage fathers dealing with the news and finding a job. Simon is taking baby-sitting classes and gets his first job baby-sitting Ruthie. Mary is sneaking to a boy girl, basketball sleep over. Lucy is thinking of having sex with Jordan, to see if heís really attracted to her. Matt has to do a research on sex, for a class.

54."Here Comes Santa Claus"
Itís the first of Christmas holiday. Mary and Lucy arenít really enthusiastic about the charity work Eric wants them to do. Mary helps at the Glen Oak Soup Kitchen, Lucy has to organize auditions for the live nativity at church and Eric finds a job for Matt -- Santa Claus at the Mall. Simon is wearing his candy canes pajamas, which are getting too small for him. He also installs Christmas lights inside the house since heís not allowed to go on the roof, and that his parents didnít had time to do it. Like every year each family member picks someoneís name and has to get that other family member a gift. It has to be either charity work, something they own or something they made. And again this year Eric and Annie cheated. Lucyís boyfriend, Jordan, is spending the holidays at his uncleís house but gave Lucy her present before leaving -- a shoe shine kit. Mary meets a guy, Carlos, at the soup kitchen and since he doesnít have a place to spend Christmas, invites him to spend it with her family. Mattís new girlfriend takes Ruthie to the mall to see Santa, but she doesnít know itís Matt. After she realizes her brother is Santa, Ruthie doesnít believe in Santa Claus. With the help of a lady at the soup kitchen, Mary buys Carlos an airplane ticket to New York so he can spend Christmas with his family. On Christmas Eve the family exchanges gifts. Eric had exchanged his old records to give Annie a gold chain to go with a cross her mother had given her. Annie had exchanged her cross for a jukebox, so that Eric could listen to his old records. Simon gave Ruthie his candy canes pajamas and told her that her real gift wasnít arrived yet. Matt gave Simon the 50$ he made with his job at the mall. Ruthie gave Matt a card with a photo of her on Santaís lap and furry dices to put in his car. For her gift to Lucy, Mary had called Jordan and asked him to call Lucy. It turns out the shoe shine kit wasnít Lucyís gift. He had mixed it up with her real gift, a basketball with "I Love You" written on it. He wanted to wait for Christmas to tell her he loved her. And finally for Maryís gift, Lucy volunteered for a week at the soup kitchen. On Christmas morning, Ruthie rushes downstairs to suprise Santa Claus at their front door. That was Simonís gift, he wanted to restore Ruthieís faith in Santa Claus. At church, the Camden's are doing the live nativity scene because the original cast canceled last minute, but it turns out they do it every year, itís their Christmas tradition.

55."Nobody Knows"
Mary gets her driverís license but she canít parallel park. She cried during the test because she couldnít park, so the teacher made her past anyway. Simon learns his best friend Deena had leukemia when she was 5 years old but that the it went away. But every year she has to go to a check-up to make sure the disease didnít come back. Ruthie calls a woman who she thinks is a psychic and asks her if Deena is going to be all right. Deena has never been better, the disease didnít come back at all. Ericís sister, Julie, is back in Glen Oak. She has a new job and is starting a life of her own. Eric and Matt want to help her get settled in Glen Oak.

56."All That Jazz"
Simon wants to buy the perfect gift for Deena because itís their 3 months anniversary. Rod is spending time at the Camdenís home because his mother died. He was really close to his mom, who had cancer and was beside her when she died. He is mad at his father because he wasnít spending time and taking care of his wife when she was sick. Heather is back in town, and sheís engaged. Dr. Hastings, the doctor who almost killed Matt when he was born, works at the Glen Oak Hospital. Annie is angry that he is still practicing medicine and doesnít want him to deliver the twins. Mary tells everyone that sheís back with Wilson, but itís not true. She made it up to get attention from other guys. Michael, the guy who hit Mary with his car 2 years ago, called her. They go to the pool hall together.

57."The Tribes That Bind"
Lucy is spending the weekend at camp "All By Myself". It turns out everyone at that camp has to spend the weekend all by themselves without talking to anyone. Ruthie is angry at Bobby Trip because he makes fun of her since he saw her underwear. Now Ruthie decides to make him realize what he did was wrong by starting a war, Camden vs. Trips. The churchís womenís group throws a baby shower for Annie. Eric and Matt have lunch with Morgan and John Hamilton. The manager of the restaurant doesnít serve Morgan and John their meal because he doesnít serve "black" people.

58."In Praise Of Women"
Itís Valentine's Day and the family is spending the day in hospital -- Annie is having the twins. Eric forgot to close the back door at home and animals are coming in and out with Happy. The kids are thinking about how their family is going to change. The doctor wants Annie to have a caesarian, but she wants to give birth naturally. She asks Dr.Hastings's advice. Matt gives blood. Simon wants the twins to be boys, he asks God to bring him brothers. Lucy breaks up with Jordan because she feels their relationship is based on lies and competition. Dr. Hastings is the doctor who delivers the babies. Annie gives birth to two boys: David and Samuel. The kids sing to Annie the sing they always sing when she brings a new baby home, the "Mary Tyler Moore" theme song. Annie's mother and Matt started the tradition when Annie brought Mary home from the hospital.

59."It Happened One Night"
Samuel and David are home and don't stop crying. Matt gets a new job at the Dairy Shack as a delivery guy. Mary goes to the Pool Hall to meet Wilson while Lucy covers for her at home. Lucy ends up doing all the cleaning by herself. Mary hangs out with Jordan while Wilson arrives. Wilson is thinking of moving back to Glen Oak but Mary realizes she doesn't have feelings for him. Ruthie wants to run away from home because she doesn't get as much attention as she used to. Annie gives Ruthie her baby book. Simon orders from the Dairy Shack to check out Mattís new job. Matt is fired from his job and meets an old girlfriend, Shawna.

Jimmy Moon's parents visit Eric to ask for help because they think their son is taking drugs. Lucy feels it's her fault so she tries to help him. Eric is suspicious about Lou's behavior at church. He thinks a new reverent is going to take his place. Simon wants to be part of the baseball team. With Mary's help he becomes the equipment manager, and isn't happy about it. Matt tries to reach Shawna but her answering machine is broken. She leaves messages to Ruthie who doesn't tell Matt about it. She doesn't want Matt to have a girlfriend because he won't have time for her. At church, Eric finds out the church was preparing a suprise for him for his 20 years as the church's minister.

61."Sometimes Thatís Just The Way It Is"
Simon is searching for his red lightning ring to bring him good luck. He thinks he has Lucyís bad luck as middle child so he tries anything, even chain letters, to bring him the luck he wants. A man from church, Ted, wants to divorce his wife Emily. Matt joins the army without consulting his parents. Unfortunately, he fails the test and canít join. Ruthie tries to get attention from every visitor in their home. Mary and Lucy realize Emily forgot her purse -- itís their way out of the house. While returning it, they meet 2 guys and go buy some shakes. Ted is drunk and goes to buy more beer. He hits the Camdenís station wagon while Lucy and Mary were out of the car, playing "fire drill".

62."We The People"
One of Ericís old friend confesses he had a relationship with one of his college student. There are all kinds of campaigns and walkouts at Mattís college. Simon has to collect money from Mr. Mallone or heíll lose his paper-route job. He is having problems but he gets Ruthie and Mrs. Hinkleís help. Mary hit Miles Olsenís car in the school parking lot. It was Miles Olsenís car and Mary sends him on a date with Lucy so she wont have to pay the damage on his car.

63."The Voice"
A custodian at Simonís school, Rudy, feels God speaks to him. Eric and Simon help him keep his job at the Walter Reed Junior High School. Annie needs a break from taking care of the twins. She and Patricia decide to spend the night out at the Pool Hall with other women. Lucy and Mary want to work at a Country Club but donít know how to ask their parents. Mary baby-sits the twins on her own for the first time. Matt thinks Shawna is seeing another guy. Ruthie gets her bouncing ball stolen by the neighborís monkey.

64."All Dogs Go To Heaven"
Eric helps a couple from church mourn the death of their dog called Mom. Matt spends the day with sergeant Michael's for an extra credit for his social science class. He catches Mary making out with Michael Towner, in a copís car. Ruthie has a "play date" with a boy who detests babies. Simon goes to the restaurant with Deena for her birthday. Deenaís brother, Jack, is also coming and he invites Lucy to come along.

65."There Goes The Bride" (Part 1)
Simon invites Deena to Heatherís wedding, and also invites her cousin whoís staying at her house. Eric and Annie are worried about how Matt is dealing with Heather getting married. Lucy is spending time with her friends Shelby and Joe. Eric wonders why his sister Julie was in Dr Hastingsís office. Matt invites Shawna to the wedding but sheís not thrilled about it. Ruthie wants to be the flower girl at the wedding. When she learns another girl was already chosen, she puts a hex on the wedding. Mary is secretly seeing Jordan because she doesnít want to hurt Lucyís feelings. Joe tells Lucy he wants to be more than friends with her; she doesnít feel the same way. Heather and her fiancť, Mason, ask Matt to be an usher at their wedding. Simon meets Deena's cousin, Cindy. She is driving Simon crazy and things get even worst when she kisses him. Lucy realizes that Shelby likes Joe and tries to set them up together. Julie comes over for dinner and tells the Camden's sheís seeing Dr Hastings. Shawna tells Matt he has to choose between her or Heather after he forgets their date. Matt learns Mason has another girlfriend and tells Heather. He decides not to go to the wedding. Mary tells Jordan that she canít see him anymore. Dr Hastings and Julie decide to get married and want Eric to be the first to know. Matt interrupts Heather and Masonís wedding and tells Heather she canít do it. They both leave church leaving everyone suprised.

66."There Goes The Bride" (Part 2)
Heatherís mother, Donna, can't believe what happened and wants people to stay at church in case Heather comes back. Deena tells Simon that the kiss her cousin gave him was a relationship test, and that sheís sorry about it. Jordan goes to church and tells Lucy he doesnít want to hurt her but that he loves Mary. Julie and Hank announce to Eric and Annie that they are getting married. Julie and Hank take the kids home while Eric and Annie wait for Matt and Heather at church. Heather asks Matt why theyíre going back to the church, she thought he wanted to marry her. Lucy invites Joe over to compete against Jordan and Mary. Simon asks Jordan advice about kissing. Ruthie wants to fix what she thinks she caused at the wedding, with her hex, and asks Simon to lend her money to give to the tooth fairy, Julie wonders if she and Hank should get married. Matt and Heather are back at church. Eric and Annie wonder why he did such a thing but he tells them he has to go see Shawna. Shawna doesnít want to talk to Matt, she tells him itís over. Annie learns the truth about Mason and tells Heather and Donna. Shelby is angry at Lucy because she helped her get Joe and stole him back. Hank asks Eric if he could talk to Julie and change her mind about not getting married. Matt calls Shawna and leaves a message on her machine saying heís sorry and that he loves her. Heather tells Mason they canít get married. While Simon and Deena are busy kissing in Simonís room, Eric talks to Julie and tells her that sheís strong and that sheíll be able to go through a lot in her life. Julie and Hank get married that night by Eric at church. Eric explains to Ruthie that what happened at the wedding had nothing to do with her or the tooth fairy. Mary breaks up with Jordan, and her and Lucy apologize for the way they acted. Simon and Deena get caught kissing in Simonís room. Lucy apologizes to Shelby, and with Joe they decide to all stay friends. At Julie and Hankís wedding, Shawna tells Matt she loves him too and that she and Heather would like to be friends. Ruthie finally gets to be the flower girl. We learn that Julie is pregnant, thereís going to be a new Hastings in the family.

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