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Episodes-Season 4

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks a lot to Elise for the reference. Her webpage is in the links, make sure you check it out! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season Four

67. "The Tattle Tale Heart" (Season Premire)
The Colonel and Ruth are visiting. They don’t know Julie is married and pregnant. Eric is nervous of telling them. He’s also loaded with work. Mary and Lucy are planning what to do with Matt’s room when he’ll move out, only he has no intention to. He and John Hamilton find an apartment and move in together. Matt tells his family he’ll be moving out. Now Mary and Lucy move into the attic, Ruthie in their old room and the twins in Ruthie’s old room. Mary and Lucy ask Hank to find him a job at the hospital. He’ll work at the cafeteria. Everyone’s at the house for a barbecue and Julie tells her parents she’s married and pregnant. Eric gets a mild heart-attack due to all the stress. He will be fine but will have to take some time off from work to relax. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Samuel and David are all spending the night in Annie’s room, they call Eric at the hospital.

68. "Life Is Too Beautiful"
Eric is giving life a second chance, which includes singing early in the morning. He sees everything from a different perspective since his heart-attack. While he's resting, everyone tries to cope with life's conflicts without him: Simon feels the need to become the man of the house, Lucy wonders about her future, Annie helps Mary in math... Eric suggest the kids should connect with someone whom they have previously alienated. Lucy connects with three girls and joins Habitat For Humanity, Matt passes the advice to John who connects with Shawna, Simon connects with a guy who's father died, Annie connects with the neighborhood gossiper and Matt and Simon reconcile after a fight.

69."Yak Sada"
Eric is back at work. He counsels a couple who will soon get married. He helps them deal with their situation. Lucy protests against the situation women and girls are in, in Afghanistan. Annie comes and joins the protest along with Mary and Ruthie. Shawna tracked down her father, whom she hasn’t seen in 20 years, for financial help. Matt is concerned and tries to help. Simon took homeck class to be with Deena, but now he wants to switch to wood shop. Ruthie plays football on the school’s team. Eric asks Annie to give the sermon at church, the next Sunday.

70."Come Drive With Me"
Matt hates his job at the hospital’s cafeteria, and things get even worst when he learns John has a better job than him. He takes advice from a little boy named Adam, at the hospital. Eric is worried about his annual raise. He and Ruthie go car shopping and buy an electric car. Mary, Lucy and Annie are building a bathroom in the attic. Simon thinks a girl from school, Beth, likes him. Matt chooses a major in pre-med.

71."With Honors"
Lucy is working at the school reception and meets Tyler. He asks her to the Fall Fling dance but wants her to get in the school’s computer system to change his grade, in return. Mary and her friend Corey are receiving a sport achievement award, but at the last minute, the committee changes its mind. Corey can’t receive the award because she had a baby when she was 14. Mary receives her award and gives a speech explaining how Corey is a real role model. She gives her friend the award. Matt helps a guy study for his mid-term. The guy ends up cheating but the teacher blames Matt. Eric and Sgt. Michaels help Lee, Simon’s friend, his father and grandmother, deal with a drug problem. Ruthie tries to make 29,99$ to buy walkie-talkies.

72."Just You Wait And See"
Ruthie finds a cat and decides to keep it. Since it’s a secret, she hides it in her room. Lucy gets her driving license and her picture is horrible. A guy named Andrew asks he on a date, but since he can’t drive, she has to pick him up. Lucy has to open doors for him, pay the movie tickets, and gets yelled at by his father for being late. Julie leaves Hank and spends the day at the Camden’s. Mary and Simon go eat at the Pool Hall, and a 15 year old girl flirts with Simon. Deena sees them together. Julie, who is 8 months pregnant, goes into labor, but there are no cars to take her to the hospital and neither Hank or Eric can be reached. They are at a restaurant discussing Hank’s marriage problems, when Matt comes to tell them Julie’s in labor. Julie gives birth to a beautiful girl. She and Hank get back together and name their daughter Erica, in honor of Eric and Annie. Ruthie must return the cat to the boy who lost it, but she receives money as a reward.

The school Principal and Annie catch Simon doing the finger to his friends, It was just for fun, but the Principal doesn’t understand and suspends him. The girls basketball team is canceled until the girls bring up their grades. Simon and Ruthie overhear Mary talking to one of her friends and think they’ll do something extreme. Lucy is part of the Student Court, a court that reviews the "crimes" that took place at school. Ruthie acts like a guy to be part of Guys Night with Matt and Simon. Matt thinks of moving back home to help out the family. The girls from the team decide to vandalize the school gym. They get caught and are brought to the police station.

74."...And Expiation"
Sgt. Michaels get Mary out of prison but suggests Eric and Annie to get a lawyer. Simon and Ruthie feel bad because they didn’t told their parents about what they overheard Mary say. They visit different churches to get advice from priests from different religions. The lawyer visits Mary and tells her there’s a chance she might go to prison. There is also a chance she’ll get in the Diversion Program, where she’ll have to see counselors and do community service. She gets into the program, which is a relief for her and her whole family. Matt moves back home and realizes that his family is doing fine without him. He moves back with John. Mary learns that she lost her scholarship. The Student Court reviews the case of the basketball team. Will the girls be expelled from school? Lucy tells everyone how their actions were wrong but how this is their school too. The girls are not expelled and help clean the school gym.

75."Dirty Laundry"
Ruthie’s new friends don’t want her to hang out with a girl named Sarah. Ruthie realizes it was mean of them, and becomes her friend. After reading "The Outsiders", Simon feels depressed and his bad mood spreads around the house. Mary and Lucy overhear one of Matt and Shawna’s conversations. Matt gets angry at Lucy after she made an innocent comment. She feels hurt and talks to Mary about it. Matt and Shawna get a huge fight and she tells him they should see other people. She tells him she loves him but doesn’t want him to get in front of her dream of becoming a doctor. They work out their problem. Eric receives a check of 20 000$ made to the church from a Japanese woman who received the money after the war. Eric helps her make peace with her past and gives her back her money, even though the church could have used it.

76."Who Nose?"
Mary meets a guy named Robbie Palmer while doing community service. Robbie comes to the Camden’s and tells Eric and Annie the reason he does community service. He asks their permission to call Mary. Shawna has entered a pre-med program at NYU that starts in January. She doesn’t know how to tell Matt. When she tells him, he’s angry she didn’t told her sooner. He then realizes he was selfish and that if he really loves her, he’ll let her go. Simon helps some guys at school paint a mural. He finds out that these boys inhale paint fumes to get high. Pete, one of them, ends up in the hospital. His mother blames Simon, but Pete later tells her about his friends. He has to enter a detox program.

77."Forget Me Not"
Shawna spends the weekend in new York searching for a place to live when she starts at NYU in January. Matt feels depressed while she’s gone, which isn’t fun for Simon who was suppose to hang out with his big brother. Lucy has been asked out by Brad Landers but she has to install toilets at the Habitat house. She cancels with Habitat and goes out with Brad, but her friends from Habitat find out. Ruthie is worried about what might happen when we enter the new Millennium. Ginger visits the Camdens and tells Annie her father has Alzeimer. Charles doesn’t want to admit he’s sick but later decides to seek help from a doctor. Eric and Annie don’t want Mary to go out with Robbie but tell her he can come over at their house.

78."All By Myself"
Annie needs a break from her daily life. She spends two days at a beach where she use to go with her parents. She meets an older woman who gives her advice on how to deal with life. Meanwhile, Mary and Lucy are waiting for Robbie and Brad to call. Brad finally does and asks Lucy out. On her date, she tells him they should take a break from each other. She realizes she might have feelings for another guy named Andrew. Matt helps Shawna pack and spends the night at her place. They say good-bye the next day. Simon and Deena have a fight. Ruthie realizes its sometimes good to take a break from mommy. Eric decides to let go of his daily chores and spends the day in front of the television.

79."Who Do You Trust?"
Simon and Nigel buy cigarettes for a school project. Matt is feeling down because Shawna moved to New York. John tries to cheer him up by inviting two girls for dinner. Ruthie makes money out of a science experiment. To gain her parents' trust, Mary invites Lucy on a double date with her, Robbie and his brother Rick. Eric checks up on the girls at the movies and catches Lucy and Rick kissing. We find out Robbie has been hiding another girlfriend.

The son of a new couple at church has Tourette's Syndrome. Eric helps the parents face the disease while Simon becomes friends with their son. Ruthie tells Lucy her teacher called her stupid. When Annie learns about it, she confronts the teacher who also calls her stupid. All the parents of Ruthie's classmates confront the teacher. Mary is mad at Simon because he called her big butt. She helps a girl at school deal with another girl's mean words. Matt is angry at Shawna and tells her they should take a break from each other. She apologizes for taking their relationship for granted. Matt spends some time with Heather.

81."Loves Me, Loves Me Not"
It's almost Valentine's Day which means Samuel and David will soon be one year old. Annie is planning a huge family party and everyone is preparing gifts. Matt and Heather spend more time together while she's back in town. Matt and Shawna officially break-up. Simon and Deena are embarrassed of the hickeys they gave each other. Lucy is building a Valentine's Day gift for Ruthie. Mary realizes Robbie is a liar who only wanted to have sex. She breaks-up with him by punching him in the face. Good for her!

82."Say A Little Prayer For Me"
A boy sends Eric a letter asking to pray for him. The kids take Eric's advice and start praying, but for the wrong reasons. Matt and John pray that they'll meet a woman, Simon prays for Deena to call and Mary prays for Robbie to call. Lucy takes the twins to the Glen Oak Promenade where people accuse her of being a teenage mother. Ruthie prays for a pony because she needs the feeling of freedom. Matt takes her on a ride the next Sunday morning.

83."Twelve Angry Men"
Eric is a jury member for a murder case. Being the only one voting guilty, he tries to convince the others to vote the same. Matt studies in his father's office at the church. Ruthie is punished after cutting a girl's hair. Lucy is humiliated while talking to Andrew's father on the phone. Deena is mad at Simon because of the punishment she received from her parents, but apologizes afterwards realizing that she's also guilty. Mary realizes Robbie is no good for her and decides to move on.

84."Hoop Dreams"
Mary dreams she's playing pro basketball. She thinks her dream will become reality. Meanwhile she helps a team of disabled girls prepare for the special olympics. Eric takes Simon out of school to see a movie, and tells him why he became a minister. Matt wants to move to New York to be with Shawna. He organizes a garage sale, but decides to stay. Ruthie dreams of becoming queen. Annie tells Lucy about her dream of creating a group for women at the church.

85."Talk To Me"
Eric helps a girl, Lisa, overcome abuse. Lisa talks to her mother and realizes it's not her fault a man molested her. Hank doesn't know how to tell Julie he's Jewish so he turns to Matt for advice. Eric and Annie feel guilty for not talking to the kids as much as usual. The family meets Simon's funny friend Luke abd Ruthie's "smelly' friend Mary-Ann. Mary and Lucy realize how lucky they are to have each other to talk to.

86."Liar Liar"
A new employee at the hospital starts rumors about Matt. A girl steals Ruthie's story for a school contest. John is angry at a politician who uses quotes from famous people. A journalist writes an article on the Camdens for the newspaper, and with every Camden, something goes wrong and ends up being published in the newspaper anyways.

87."Love Stinks" (Part 1)
Shawna is moving back to work at the Glen Oak Hospital for the summer. Her ex-boyfriend Brett, who is still in love with her, surprises her. She tells him she loves Matt, but meanwhile Matt still has feelings for Heather. Deena brake's up with Simon for no reason. Robbie is back in town and swears to Mary he has changed. She believes him and goes back with him. Robbie's stepbrother Ronald asks Lucy out. Andrew tells Lucy how he feels, she must choose between him and Ronald. Bert, a guy in Ruthie's class, asks her to be his girlfriend. She accepts just so he can give her presents. Mary tells her parents she wont be attending college in the fall and that she's moving in with Robbie.

88."Love Stinks" (Part 2)
Eric and Annie can't deal with Mary's decision. They get more frustrated when they learn she's engaged with Robbie. Robbie's ex-girlfriend talks to Mary and makes her realize how Robbie is a liar. Mary tells Robbie she's not ready to get married, she needs to get her life in order before jumping in a relationships. She has to trust herself before trusting someone else. After a few dates with Ronald, Lucy realizes how much she cares for Andrew. She finally tells him how she feels. Simon learns that Deena will be moving, that's why she broke up with him. Her parents are also getting divorced. Simon gives her a promise ring and they promise to call and write. Matt must choose between Shawna and Heather. He realizes he loves Heather and brakes up with Shawna. She tells him she's still in love with Brett. They both realize that they need to move on and let go of the past. Ruthie apologizes to Bert for hurting his feelings. They both become fiends. Matt and Heather secretly get married in a small chapel.

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