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Episodes-Season 5

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks a lot to Elise for the reference. Her webpage is in the links, make sure you check it out! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season Five
89."Here We Go Again"(Season Premiere)
Annie decides to take a college course, which leaves Eric at home taking care of the twins two hours in the morning. Matt is angry at Heather after she left him standing at the altar. They decide to take a break from each other. Lucy wonders how things will stand between her and Andrew when he comes back from his summer in Europe. He tells her that he met a girl, that they got pregnant and that he'll be staying in France. Simon is worried about his first day of school without Deena or Nigel. He teepees a house to make new friends. After working only three hours as a waitress at the Pool Hall, Mary buys a sport car. Eric is angry at her lack of responsibility. Ruthie's 3rd grade teacher, who had called her stupid, is now promoted to 4th grade. Ruthie stands up in front of her classmates and gets the teacher replaced.

Eric wants to spend the night out with the guys. Annie spends the evening with her college professor. Matt forgets to pick up Simon and his date Lulu for their date. Lucy and her lab partner in family class take care of an egg while watching the twins. Mary has a new job at Pete's Pizza and promises Ruthie to bring back pizza and hang out with her. Only, she eats a pizza and drinks beer with her new friends Frankie and Johnny, and forgets about her promise to Ruthie.

Eric and Annie decide to enjoy a Friday night out separately. Eric hangs out at the pool hall and Annie has dinner with her college professor. Meanwhile, Lucy stays at home to baby-sit the twins, Ruthie and her homework assignment: an egg that is supposed to teach her about the responsibilities of parenting. Simon is left waiting at home when Matt forgets his promise to drive him on a big date with a sophomore girl. Mary starts another minimum wage job at a pizza parlor and makes some unlikely friends.

Mary continues to hang out with her newfound friends from the pizza parlor. Eric and Annie become concerned when the couple lands in jail for marijuana possession and start to question Mary's judgment. Matt makes up for forgetting about Simon by chauffeuring him on a date. When the girl shows more interest in Matt, the brothers decide to go hang out together. Lucy discovers what family activities Ruthie has been writing about in her dairy assignment for school.

Desperate for some cash, Mary agrees to baby-sit for her young niece. When she agrees to also watch her friend's baby, Mary discovers a bottle of beer in the diaper bag. When her aunt and uncle return home they find the babies alone, the empty beer bottle on the coffee table and Mary no where in sight. Disappointed, they ask Mary to leave and discuss whether to tell Eric and Annie about her further decline. While having lunch at the pool hall, Eric and Annie see Mary's friends fighting. Trying to step in at the right moment, Eric breaks up the two and gets a black eye in the process. Back at the Camden house, Lucy takes on the responsibility of Ruthie's sleepover and taking care of the twins as Simon decides to get his ear pierced without his parent's permission.

Mary is having problems paying her bills: she's driving without insurance and even asked John for money. Annie learns Mary didn't quit, but was fired, from the Pool Hall. Eric learns Mary was drinking and driving, and that she was fired from Pete's Pizza. The kids take Sam and David's money to help Mary pay her bills. Eric and Annie realize Mary has been lying to them, and learn from Hank and Julie what happened when she was baby-sitting. Mary still doesn't have a job and now owes Sam and David $500.

Eric and Annie call on family and friends to find out where Mary got the money to pay her bills. Their investigating leads them back to their own home. Each of the Camden kids at first deny helping Mary. However, Ruthie gets caught trying to fill Sam and David's piggy banks with rice so it doesn't feel empty. Matt , Lucy , Simon and Ruthie confess to borrowing the twins savings so Mary could pay her debt. The seriousness of the situation force Eric and Annie to take immediate action. The family gathers to confront Mary with their hurt feelings and the decision to send her to live in Buffalo with the Colonel and Grandma Ruth.

Gossip about Mary's exit are circulating all around town. Simon uses these stories to his advantage, so he can go out with the Murphy twins. Ruthie, on the other hand, starts stories about the family so people would feel sorry for them and stop gossiping about Mary. Lucy is a victim of gossip at school: people say she's dating Mike. Matt meets a mystery woman named Julia.

Simon starts to hang out with a new crowd and listens to disturbing music. His new friends are disrespectful towards women. They harass Lucy, Ruthie, Annie and Heather. Simon realizes how his friends' behavior is disturbing and feels horrible about what they did to his sisters and mother. Robbie and his girlfriend Sheryl want to get married and ask Eric to marry them. Lucy wins tickets to a "39" concert. Heather meets Matt and tells him she's seeing a professor at Crawford.

Eric invites a homeless Robbie to live with them while he finds him a place to live. Failing to find him a place at a decent shelter, he invites him to stay home until he gets a job and can move into his own apartment. Simon talks on the phone with a mystery girl. Her name is Sasha and she's 17. Lucy's friend Mike tells her he got early acceptance to college. He also shares that his mother is ill. Lucy later receives her acceptance letter by the mail, but keeps the answer a secret from her family. Mary calls home and gets the impression Lucy is dating Robbie. John proposes to his girlfriend Priscilla.

Robbie has been living with the Camdens for a month. He is now cooking meals and doing laundry to help Annie, who feels like he's taking over her job. She feels unneeded. Ruthie explains to Mary that Robbie is not dating Lucy but staying with them. Matt spends the day with Heather and her boyfriend while avoiding John. John's meeting with Priscilla's parents turns out badly. They kick her out of her aunt's apartment, which forces her to stay with John and Matt. Matt is then asked to move out. Ruthie has a crush on Robbie. Eric learns Robbie is studying to become a teacher and that he got a job as a sport's coordinator at a daycare center. Robbie buys Annie and the twins place tickets so she can visit her father. She realizes he's not that bad after all. Mary finally agrees to talk to her father.

100."One Hundred"
Eric learns from George that Mary is coming home and tries to find out why. Meanwhile, everyone's preparing for Eric's surprise party. Annie tries to get him out of the house. Matt and Simon take Mrs. Bink to the hospital for a mammogram. Johnny drops his daughter on the Camdens' porch. Frankie ran away with the drug dealer to Las Vegas, and he doesn't trust himself with a child. Annie helps him reach out to his parents for help. In the meantime, Robbie takes care of things at home. Mike asks Lucy to sit with his mother for the afternoon. She tells Lucy she wants Mike to put her in a hospital. Lucy encourages Mike to talk to her and to tell her she's not to blame for her husband's death and Mike's suicide attempt. Robbie tells Eric he's the one who asked Mary to come home. Eric picks her up at the airport. Mary tells him she came for him, for his birthday. Eric had completely forgotten about his birthday. He comes home to find his family, friends and everyone he helped in the community. His third present is Lucy announcing him she got accepted in college to study theology. She wants to become a minister.

Lucy and Mike finally get to kiss, but Mike feels as if he was kissing his sister. He knows Lucy is angry and makes it up to her by fixing her up with his friend Jeremy. But in return, he wants her to fix him up with a girl he likes. Annie is jealous of Ruthie because the twins call her mama. Eric is jealous of Annie because the kids go to her with their problems. Matt is also jealous, but of Robbie. He's also afraid to lose his best friend John, when he'll get married. Now that Matt has moved back home, John has to readjust to his apartment, newly redecorated by Priscilla.

Everyone is wondering who is Robbie's date for Valentine's Day. Simon asks Deena, whose in town, on a double date, Matt wants to double date with Robbie, and Ruthie invites Bert to Sam and David's birthday party. But all of their plans revolve around Robbie and finding out whom he's dating. Robbie admits he started dating again only because he heard Mary likes another guy. Annie buys a new dress for Lucy, for her date with Jeremy. Jeremy makes a good impression on Eric and Annie by giving them candy and roses. While on their date, Lucy and Jeremy run into Rob, Jimmy Moon and Jordan. Jeremy's surprise for Lucy was a chance for her to sing on a stage. She sings "When I Fall In Love" accompanied by Jeremy's musician father. Jeremy tells his father that Lucy is "the one". Matt spends the night with John and Priscilla. Priscilla tells John she was married before. Robbie's date is Sheryl. She encourages him to date Mary because she made him a better person. Robbie decides to call Mary and tells her he's in love with her. Bert gives Ruthie a ride on a horse. Deena says good-bye to Simon and tells him they'll always be friends. Eric's gift to Annie and the twins is an old home video of Annie's mother.

Mary is coming home for the weekend. Only, her motive was to visit Robbie and not her family. She wants him to move to Buffalo to be closer to her, but he wants to stay in Glen Oak and keep working on a better life. Lucy finds a wallet containing a condom. She and Matt thinks it belongs to Robbie, but the real owner is Simon. The entire family spy on Simon and his date Sasha. Robbie confesses he gave him the condom. The younger Camdens learn a lesson about sex and relationships. As Ruthie put it: "It's important to talk to your kids about sex.

Robbie's dead-beat dad (guest star Alan Thicke) shows up unexpectedly at the Camden household and convinces Robbie to move out with him against Eric's wishes. Meanwhile, Ruthie turns to Mary for advice on how to get around their parents' rules, and Annie worries when Lucy starts spending a lot of her time with her friend's "unmotherlike" mom.

Everyone is wondering what Ruthie does at school every day between 8:00 and 8:30, and why she misses homeroom. Simon breaks up with Sasha. Mike tells Lucy he still has feelings for her. Matt is nervous about his visit with a psychologist, which he needs to pass to get into medical school. He talks to a patient who pretends to be a doctor. Eric deals with a man who has only 6 weeks to live.
Mary runs into Wilson and Billy in Buffalo. She doesn't tell Robbie they went out to dinner. Meanwhile, Robbie meets a girl, Marry, who looks exactly like Mary. Matt goes out with Sheryl, Robbie's ex-girlfriend. Lucy misses Jeremy and hopes he'll call soon.

Ruthie tries to make a new friend. Annie is jealous of the new woman Eric is counseling. Robbie helps Heather with college; they are in the same class. Matt goes out with Sheryl for a second time, and still doesn't tell Robbie. News that Simon is a virgin travel around school, which makes him even more popular with girls.

Annie receives the shocking news from her father that she has a stepsister (guest-star Michelle Phillips). Annie takes the news hard but Eric convinces her to make the effort to get to know the woman, Lilly, for the sake of her ailing father. Meanwhile, Ruthie protests the unjust firing of one of her teachers, speculating that racial discrimination may be involved. The entire community makes a big fuss about a petition protesting the apparently unfair firing of a teacher at Ruthie's school. Matt, however, knows the real reason why she is leaving, which could be rather embarrassing for the petitioners. The teacher has advanced breast cancer and didn't want to alarm her students, so she let everyone believe she'd been fired.

Not even the Camdens are immune to love's pitfalls as their relationships hit a few new bumps. Mary is back in Glen Oaks for the summer, but fears about being together again have Robbie a bit on edge. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie are the recipients of what may or may not be advances from unmarried acquaintances. Matt agonizes over telling his family about his relationship with Cheryl. John and Priscilla move their wedding to New York so John's ill grandmother can be with them. Simon tells Deena they can not be friends because he wants to be her boyfriend. And, Lucy surprises even herself when she proposes to Jeremy. Eric and Annie give Lucy and Jeremy their blessing on the engagement.

Mary tries to explain to Lucy that nothing impure happened between her and Jeremy. But Lucy is still skeptical. James tells Eric he tried to have an affair with Annie. Eric counsels him that he will find love again if he could love Annie. Serena also comes clean with Annie about her attempted affair with Eric. Mary tells Robbie he will always be a part of the Camden family regardless of whether or not they are dating. Eric and Annie give their blessing to Lucy and Jeremy's engagement. Simon tells Deena they cannot be friends because he wants to be her boyfriend. Matt decides to pursue a relationship with Cheryl on a "date-by-date" basis. Wilson asked Mary to go back to New York with him for the summer. And John and Priscilla move their wedding to New York so John's ill grandmother can be with them.

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