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Episodes-Season 6

I have all of the current seasons finished. Each weekend, I will be adding the new episode that premired that week. Make sure you keep on checking back if you missed 1! Thanks for the season six episode summaries to Click Here to go to that page! Thanks everyone for your patience!

Season Six

111. "Changes" Season Premeire
Hormones run amuck in the Camden household and Eric is caught in the middle of it all as Annie begins to show signs of pregnancy, Mary chooses to return to New York to be with Wilson leaving Robbie pining for her in Glen Oak, while Lucy mysteriously breaks off her engagement with Jeremy and moves back home.

112. "Teased"
Simon doesn't know where to turn when the teasing of a classmate escalates into a life and death situation after the boy threatens murder in retaliation.

113. "Sympathy"
Annie and Lucy consider hiring an unemployed carpenter to work on the house, but when he fakes an injury both Stephen and the church are in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Simon's motives seem questionable when he asks out a very pregnant 16-year-old girl with more to her past than meets the eye.

114. "Work"
Annie takes Eric by surprise with the news that she would like to quit college and start teaching to help get out of her depression. Meanwhile, Mary performs terribly in fire fighting training distracted by her consuming relationship with Wilson, and Simon is at risk of being fired from his job at the pizza parlor after discovering that waiting tables takes more people skills than he's equipped to handle.

115. "Relationships"
Mary is left to mull over Wilson's marriage proposal and is even more confused when she has a romantic encounter with a fellow firefighter trainee. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie painfully discover how much their constant arguing is affecting the entire family, and Lucy and Robbie finally face up to their feelings after she intentionally sabotages one of his dates out of jealousy.

116. "Broken"
After getting caught with another guy, Mary tries to make up with Wilson by accepting his marriage proposal and suggesting that they run off and elope. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie counsel Eric's sister Julie and her husband Hank about their marital problems, Lucy breaks the news to the family that she and Mary's ex-boyfriend Robbie are a couple and Matt suspects a classmate is being battered by her boyfriend.

117. "Prodigal"
On the heels of accepting Wilson's marriage proposal, Mary shows up unexpectedly on her family's doorstep with no explanation, leaving the entire family to surmise what dark secret she is hiding. While Annie is openly thrilled to have her daughter back home, Eric and the rest of the kids are dubious that Mary has really changed and can be trusted again.

118. "Ay Carumba"
Mary and Lucy are at each other's throats when Robbie falls in love with a new girl, Joy (Latina pop star Joy Enriquez,), and sweats meeting her family. Meanwhile, it's survival of the fittest when Matt, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie try to get back in Annie's good graces and out of the garage apartment.

119. "Lost"
Envious of Robbie's newfound love, Mary and Lucy seek Eric and Annie's expertise with matchmaking to pick their next boyfriends while Matt and Simon continue looking for girls the old-fashioned way - using the twins as adorable bait. Meanwhile, Robbie unknowingly becomes the key to finding Joy's (Latina pop singer Joy Enriquez) missing younger brother.

120. "Consideration"
While Eric is eluding Annie on some secret "church" business, Simon convinces Grandpa (guest star Graham Jarvis) to take him to get his learner's permit, ending them up in a slow-speed police chase with Simon at the wheel for the whole family to watch on TV.

121. "Pathetic"
Mary tries to reconnect with Wilson only to discover that he has moved and her confusion is greatened when Ben (guest star Geoff Stults), the fireman she kissed, drops by unannounced for dinner. Meanwhile, Eric feels completely left out after discovering that Annie quit her teaching job without consulting him, and Simon gets Robbie into trouble when they end up in a car accident with Matt. Robbie's brother visits Robbie, only to meet Lucy again. Lucy and Mary both decide that they need to get over Jeremy and Wilson, and mail their engagments rings back to them that they still held on to.

122. "Suspicion"
Ruthie steps in to protect her Muslim friend Yasmine (guest star Ashley Solomon) from bullies who have been terrorizing her because of her ethnic and religious background, and gains the support from the entire Camden family. Eric, Annie and the other kids all work together to defend Yasmine and her family and discover in the process the sad truth that many people in their community share the same fears.

123. "Drunk"
Simon's frustration with always doing the right thing leads him to a wild party in an attempt to fit in with the "cool" kids. When "Saint Simon" comes home drunk, his siblings decide whether to cover for him or turn him in to their parents, Eric and Annie, so he can learn his lesson.

124. "Hot Pants"
Annie's attempt to surprise Eric with romantic Valentine's plans backfires and results in a big fight. Meanwhile, Matt seeks out old girlfriends for answers as to why they're no longer together, while Mary and Lucy have their own surprising run-ins with their ex-fiances, Wilson (guest star Andrew Keegan) and Jeremy (guest star David Lago, The Young and the Restless), who are happily out with new girlfriends.

125. "I Really Do"
Determined to settle down before heading off to med school, Matt goes in search of a woman to marry and meets Sarah (guest star Sarah Danielle Madison), the daughter of Rabbi Glass (guest star Richard Lewis) and Rosina Glass (guest star Laraine Newman). The Glasses and Reverend and Annie Camden are concerned that their children are dating out of faith, but concern grows to fear when the kids stay out all night and may have gotten hitched.

126. "I Really Did"
Matt and Sarah (guest star Sarah Danielle Madison) secretly elope, but when facing their parents, they are only able to summon the courage to say that they're engaged. Their secret isn't completely safe though because Ruthie knows the truth.

127. "Lip Service"
Tensions escalate when the Camdens are invited over for Shabbat dinner at the home of Rabbi Glass (guest star Richard Lewis, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and his wife Rosina (guest star Laraine Newman, Saturday Night Live), the parents of Matt's fiancée Sarah (guest star Sarah Danielle Madison). Eric and Annie are unable to hide their shock when they find out that Matt is considering converting to Judaism.

128. "Letting Go"
Eric feels overwhelmed by his children's relationships when Mary returns home from flight attendant training in N.Y. and brings her new love Ben (guest star George Stults) and his brother Kevin (guest star Geoff Stults), who has fallen for Lucy. Meanwhile, Reverend Camden also suspects that Matt has secretly gotten married, but must deal with relationships outside of the family and counsels an older couple who can't seem to let go of their middle-aged son.

129. "The Known Solider"
The Camdens learn about Marine Staff Sgt. Morgan through Ruthie's email correspondence with him and are devastated when they learn of his death while on duty in Afghanistan. CeCe Winans (Grammy Award winner for Pop/ Contemporary Gospel Album) performs "The Star-Spangled Banner" in a moving memorial service scene led by Reverend Camden dedicated to Staff Sgt. Morgan with his family and actual representatives of the Marine Corps in attendance.

130. "Holy War"Part 1
Matt and Sarah (guest star Sarah Danielle Madison) remain calm as their wedding nears, yet their fathers, Reverend Camden and Rabbi Glass (guest star Richard Lewis, "Curb Your Enthusiasm"), experience cold feet and can't come to an agreement regarding their children marrying out of faith and take it upon themselves to call the whole thing off.

131. "Holy War"Part 2 Season Finale!
After learning that their fathers Reverend Camden and Rabbi Glass sabotaged their wedding, a very upset Matt and Sarah appeal to their mothers for help. Annie Camden and Rosina Glass cunningly convince their husbands to co-officiate the wedding incorporating both the Jewish and the Christian vows into the service.
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