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7th Heaven Trivia
7th Heaven Trivia
These are questions from the premiere episode of Season 6. Please fill in your FIRST name and e-mail address only!!, so I can e-mail you if you got all the questions right. If you don't get all the questions right, I won't e-mail you. Thanks! If you think that the trivia is too hard, please e-mail me at Thanks!!



1) What are the names of Lucy and Mary's current boyfriends?  

2) What is the name of the teacher that hated Ruthie?  

3) What is Sarah's (Matt's wife) mother's name?  

4) Name three boyfriends Lucy has been in a relationship with.  

5) What was Simon involved in that made Eric and Annie decide to have Simon get his driver's license?  

6) This question is extra credit! If you get one of questions 1-5 wrong, but get this question right, it'll count for that question that you missed. The question is:
Who plays Sarah (Matt's wife)?  


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